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Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery

Surgery on eyes, ears, and other soft tissue areas.

At Creekside Animal Hospital, our veterinarians have experience performing a number of soft tissue surgeries. Our soft tissue surgeries include:

  • Aural Hematoma
    • Aural hematoma in dogs is a condition where blood collects between the cartilage and skin of the ear flap. This can be caused by vigorous scratching or head shaking due to underlying ear infections, allergies, ear mites, or trauma. If left untreated, it can lead to discomfort and potential complications.

      Treatment for aural hematoma may involve draining the blood from the ear, addressing the underlying cause, and preventing the dog from further trauma to the ear. It's important to consult with a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment to ensure the well-being and comfort of your furry friend.

  • Stenotic Nares Resection
    • Stenotic nares resection is a surgical procedure commonly performed on brachycephalic breeds such as Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boston Terriers. These breeds often have narrow nostrils which can obstruct their airways, making it difficult for them to breathe, especially during physical activities or in hot weather.
      During stenotic nares resection, the veterinarian will remove a small wedge of tissue from each nostril to widen the opening and improve airflow. This procedure can greatly benefit the quality of life for affected pets by reducing breathing difficulties and helping them stay cool and comfortable.
      It's important for pet owners to consult with their veterinarian if they suspect their pet may have stenotic nares, as early detection and treatment can prevent further complications and improve their overall well-being. 
  • Mass/Tumor Removal
  • Anal Sac Removal
  • Laceration Repair
  • Ophthalmic
    • Entropion
    • Enucleation
  • Urogenital
    • C-Section
    • Cystotomy
    • Perineal Urethrostomy (PU)
    • Pyometra
  • Gastrointestinal
    • Enterotomy
    • Foreign Body
    • Gastric Dilatation Volvulus
    • Hernia
    • Splenectomy

As always, your pet's safety remains our top priority which is why we utilize advanced anesthetic and surgical techniques.

Pets undergoing surgery have the option to receive:

  • Pre-anesthetic blood work
  • Anesthesia
  • Experienced monitoring support
  • IV catheter placement
  • Pain medication

Following surgery, your pet will be kept comfortable and monitored while the effects of anesthesia wear off. Wanting to rest for the remainder of the day is normal, but if you’re concerned about your pet’s post-op behavior, please don’t hesitate to call us at (346) 645-7258.

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